DIRECTV Subscribers: NewsNation has been forced off your line-up, and important programming you pay for has disappeared.

Call 555-444-4444 NOW and DEMAND DIRECTV return NewsNation

Important facts and options you should consider:

What’s going on?

NewsNation has a contract with DIRECTV that allows them to deliver our programming to you. That contract has expired and DIRECTV has removed NewsNation from your schedule. NewsNation has presented a proposal for fair value compensation based on the importance and value our programming brings to our viewers. Despite our tireless efforts, DIRECTV has refused our fair offer and is making negotiations very difficult. You may have seen them do this before. They will tell you it’s for your benefit, but don’t believe it. Our offer is fair. And now they hold you, the subscriber, hostage. You keep paying for NewsNation and not getting it. It’s not right.

All your programming is lost?

All of it. NO Station 19 on NewsNation. NO The Bachelorette. NO Country Music Awards. NO NewsNation. All Gone.

What can I do?

We at NewsNation value your loyalty, and we hate the idea of not being available to you, especially since you still pay for our programming, even if DIRECTV denies it to you.

You DO have options:
  • First: Call DIRECTV at 555-444-4444 and demand that NewsNation is returned your channel line-up. GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
  • And while you have them, demand a rebate for the programming you’ve paid for and not received.
  • AND if DIRECTV refuses, Consider the attractive offers of other providers by checking your local listings for the other providers in your community.